Death By Marijuana - film by J.Shiva

Opening scene - 'High' Court - about to read sentence...
the Judge looking bleary eyed and drinking lots of water

We the people find you guilty as 'charged' and

sentence you to 'Death By Marijuana'

(accused) well thanks, thanks very much

Judge is there any conditions like grade
Oh yes - we want you to make sure it's the 'good grade stuff'
and no other drugs - just dope
great - I'll be sure to get right on it

just to get you going we've prepared a 10 paper for you right now
do you need a lighter
yeah great - starts smoking

also we'll make sure the police come by now and then
just to make sure your 'high'
and if your not - they'll have some good quality stuff right away for you

anything else

well to make sure you don't let us down
probably best to get a combi and consider surfing, parties and lots of travelling
- we're still humane you know
great I'll be right at it

he leaves the 'high' court smoking to be confronted outside by the news team

smoking his 10 paper
so how do you feel
pretty 'high' actually
bet that's good stuff

handing them the 10 paper to share - all suddenly feel 'pretty high'
the girl (red eyed) well (starts laughing)
some crowd yelling "that won't kill him, he'll just get high"

well some of the crowd are'nt sure about this historic decision
but he has told us he'll be doing his very best with his sentence
I bet he will (stoners)

what sort of court is this
a 'high' one
that'd be right

story continues into full on satire with any and every dope joke known

In the end he does'nt die .... but he is still out there doing his best

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is this screen made ov pot

J - Love

a film project

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a global community service

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